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I was busting for the bathroom of my house after work saw dingey bathhouse next to the park on the way home I stopped and was blocked by bicycle and realized there was a man sitting in his car on the road, that maybe I was checking until then I can not stand the toilet, lobstertube who was 25 at the time and building in the medium term anyway, I went to the bathroom and went straight to the cabin i droped my pants and sat for a last minute as I had finished my buisnes someone knocked on the door, opened the door and this guy said about 40, looking for fun so stupid I said yes, he told his risk here, but I live close to coming again so I wish I said OK and told me that I can continue on the bike I said well and was waiting to kill myself, which had become so hot that bothers me about my pants it was not difficult anyway, I followed him went back to his seat in the living room of his house, where I wondered what he had done before him, he said, most things, butI've never been caught and I want to try, he said yes, I said yes, she said Take off your clothes and feel at lobstertube home while I have some lube I said ok and scratched to lobstertube get my pants and came out with its tail in hand, said he wants to suck, he said, droped to his knees and took him into my mouth, I loved the flavor up to me and took my pants down slowly and my cock jumped and almost hit him in the eye began to lick and suck it felt so good I stopped turned around and started licking the finger and my tight ass first 1 then 2 then 3, then i is the cold lubricate my hole felt at that moment I felt his cock slide into my hole bit by bit, it felt so good I was going to start slowly and then faster and told me that while I am everywhere he took her hand and took off the condom and shot lobstertube his load all over her ass and masturbate until my then we did in the 69 position and cleaned lobstertube each other and went and was alreadyloads look around, because I can not get enough.
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